Friday, 29 April 2016


So, last week, I think? I attended Penang Fashion Week for Mervin Ng, Brandon Tan and Micheal Ooi's shows. Thanks to Miss Bubbles for bringing me along. We decided to change outfits for each show but I didn't manage to get picture of my first outfit (which was pretty retro style btw). Here is what I wore to Brandon Tan's show which was PHENOMENAL. I wanted everything from his collection. It was perfect. The way he incorporated traditional prints into modern fit was amazing. 
Top: Criss cross cropped top,
Bottom: Flowing palazzo trousers with tassels, Zara
Blazer: Black fitted jacket, H&M
Necklace: Tassel choker, H&M
Shoes: Fabou platform heels, Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Monki
I literally bought the blazer and choker on the day of the event. I was rushing out of the house and forgot everything I wanted. But it was all worth the money though hah. Will be sharing another outfit soon so do stay tuned for that. Been thinking of sharing other stuff but I have been at a dead end recently and just lack creative ideas. Anyway, until here, I hope you're all well! Nx

Friday, 22 April 2016


On the last day of Gurney Plaza Fashion Week, I decided to go with something more feminine and different. I don't know what but I quite like how this silky dress falls very simply and easy. Also, its nice to wear something different every now and then. Obviously I had to add on a touch of 'ncavien' (hahaha that sounds pretty lame) I added on one of my favourite dark lipstick to complete the whole look. Also, this dress wasn't expensive at all! It was super worth it.
Dress: Silky satin low back dress, Moris B
Shoes: Snakeskin strappy heels, Charles and Keith
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Monki
I'm looking forward to spending my day at Penang Fashion Week tomorrow and a day of fun with friends. The crazy shit is I will be changing 3 times for all 3 shows. Mad shit but I think its going to be fun. Till here, I hope you're all doing well! Nx

Monday, 18 April 2016


Well, hello hello! Here's another outfit post, from the second day of Gurney Plaza Fashion Week. Something sexy again with a nice long slit with a cropped top. I especially love the details on the skirt and top but unfortunately the lighting wasn't good enough and the images were too pixelated. Here are some good ones to share with you guys. I think its always good to pair a midi skirt with a cropped top for petite ladies because it can help make you look taller.
Top: Cropped white buckle top, Topshop
Bottom: Side slit midi skirt with details, Forever 21
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Monki
Shoes: Fabou platform heels, Jeffrey Campbell
During that day we had quite some time in between shows and being the crazy peeps we were, we decided to go for Break The Code! We all looked real nice all dressed up, especially Laureen and I, and we were in the room crawling into different rooms. Madness I tell you but we managed to complete the Da Vinci room! It was a lot of fun and the shows were good too. Here's a super yellow picture of Laureen and I haha.
There will be another outfit post coming up from the last day later on this week. I will be attending Penang Fashion Week this coming Saturday, so yay to more outfits! The theme is street vogue so expect some whacky outfit from me. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx