Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crochet Frill

Yeah, I'm back to some personal style outfits :3
I'm half way done with all my assignments, prepared to hand in two of it already, so yes, more free time!! I'm really excited for whats to come in the next few months after I'm done with my assignments. Hoping for more performances *fingers crossed*. Also, my weight has been fluctuating like mad balls recently. One day I'll look good and the next I'm bloated like my fat dog. I really don't know whats wrong and it has been really frustrating for me. 
Wore this outfit to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Frankly, I wasn't expecting it to be good since most sequel movies aren't as good as the first. I was wrong, I really enjoyed it even though it was a tad bit slow as the beginning. The fighting scenes involved more physical fighting than just shooting guns which is something I really enjoy watching. Definitely worth watching. I finally convinced myself that any Marvel sequel movie is going to good. (Though I'm one of those bimbos who have not read the comics, eek)
Top: Black crochet cropped top, Miucious
Bottom: Pleather shorts, Forever 21
Bag: Black minimalist sling bag,
Shoes: Chunky platform ankle boots, shoeshaven89
I think this will be the last post for now until I finish my assignments. I just want to get everything done and over with. Hope you are all doing well! Nx

Saturday, March 29, 2014

ncavien x Jonquilkiss

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post
If you guys read my previous blog post you would know that I did a photoshoot with Jonquilkiss. Amber, co-owner of Jonquilkiss invited me to do a collaboration with them for their latest collection. I did it out of experience and a 'why not' thinking. I've never done anything like this before and quite frankly I was pretty nervous. I'm not that kinda person who likes being photographed by other people. Anyways, I'm glad I did it anyway. It was a good photoshoot, Amber and her sister Kim were really nice and that made me feel a lil bit more comfortable. The clothes they had were absolutely lovely but isn't really my style. Below are my favorite pictures from the shoot. I didn't like how I look in majority of them because I guess it just really isn't my style, and I look quite different in the makeup and hair haha . Also, my freaking period was like, bloating my tummy like crazy it was so annoying how bloated and fat I looked -.- 

I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to work with JonquilkissMake sure you check them out, their basic pieces are really nice, and the ones I got to wear during this shoot was really damn comfortable. Till here, I'll be back soon with more OOTDs. Trying to finish up the last parts of my assignments asap. Nx

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Say Something

Did my first actual song cover lol. If you put aside my annoying, ugly face, I think I don't sound so bad. Big thanks to Steven for doing this cover with me and for the awesome editing. Thanks to Jxhia for helping us out. Personally I dont think this song is meant for me. I sound freakishly girly in this video, idk why lol. I usually sound a bit more... strong and manly hahaha. Maybe I'll do another cover of one of my favorite songs another time. I know I need major improvements but I hope you guys enjoy it without having your ears bleed hehe. 
Today I just finished a photoshoot with Jonquilkiss. Its my first time doing a photoshoot for something that isnt just some random crap. At the moment I'm feeling very insecure about how it will turn out but at the same time very excited. Till then, wait for the photos and shop!! Nx

Saturday, March 15, 2014


After 2 years of dating, we finally went out for a movie night and even then it was more evening than night lol. It was fun even though we didn't have dinner because we weren't hungry. We watched 300: Rise of an Empire which was so bloody it was so good. The censorship was really choppy so I might go get the DVD or something but the movie was fantastic (in my opinion at least) and I think it wasn't a sucky movie sequel. Anyways, here was my outfit for the night. 
Top: Black knitted cropped sweater, Zara
Short: Lace lined grey shorts, Melody Wardrobe
Bag: Black soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Basic black sandal heels, Payless
The shoes were a pain, I barely walked and it was biting on to my heel and toes. I guess its suitable only for dinners or occasions where there is barely any walking to do. The shorts don't fit very well but I can't get over how beautiful the lace lining is! I tried to go for a more clean outfit instead of my usual 'grunge' or 'edgy' style. Hope you all are doing well and not bombarded with assignments like me. Till here! Nx

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tartan Texture

Hello! It's March already, can you believe it? It's insane how fast time passes. Soon I'll have to hand in my assignments! I barely started much, getting a bit worried and stressed out. Hopefully all goes well and I push myself enough to do better. Here is an outfit I wore the other day. 
Can I point out that I actually lost some weight and got leaner again? Hehe :P
I extremely love this tartan cropped top from Dovey Diary. Bloody popular online blogshop that I didn't know about until recently after they had a booth at the Shop for Charity event at KDU Penang. I'm not really into the type of clothing they sell but I have to say they do have some pretty girly pieces that you see a lot of Penangites wearing. The quality is good so thats one reason why I bought this cropped top. But for my skirt I've always been a fan of Hutz so their items easily catches my attention.
Top: Tartan cropped top, Dovey Diary
Bottom: Textured black pleather A-line skirt, Hutz Fashion
Bag: Black bowler sling bag, Charles and Keith
Shoes: Chunky platform ankle boots, shoeshaven89
Sunglasses: Vintage sunglasses, Baleno
I'll try to update soon and not take like, 2 weeks off but that will depend on how much my brain wants to function to finish up my assignments. Till here, I hope you all are doing well! Nx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello again! Hope you're all well and had a pleasant Valentines Day/Chap Goh Mei last Friday. Recently I've been doing well and happy. I finally, after so many years, joined a singing competition. Of course, I didn't win but I must mention that the winner had such an amazing voice and perfect performance! I was quite proud of myself for not giving excuses to not join (what I've been doing for the past 4 years). Kieran convinced me to join it and when AJ told me he was joining I was like, what the heck, lets just give it a go. I got into the top 15 finals which was on Sunday and was so nervous that throughout the song my voice was shaking! It was my first time so yeah, but pretty proud that I did it and didn't chicken out lol. Right, that aside about how proud I am of myself (perasan giler -.-), here is my outfit to college (technically Uni since I'm doing my degree lol)
In case you guys are wondering why the pins look so cheapskate, its because they are. Probably the cheapest way to make single pins (not in bulk) on your own. I found the pictures off Google, credits to the artists (sorry I'm not sure who they are).
Top: Slipknot printed tee, OGC
Bottom: Basic black skater skirt, F.O.S
Shoes: Black and white printed creepers, Miss Whatever
Glasses: Skull hologram sunglasses,
Bag: Various pins on a backpack, DIY
I only decided to dress up a tad because of my backpack. I don't dress like this to class because I get very very lazy and just don't bother most of the time. Till here, I'm off to continue with my assignments. Nx