Thursday, 19 November 2015

Crunch Time

Such a weird title but I don't know what to title this post. Just want to update you guys a little bit and post some original pictures on my blog, since its looking pretty dead recently. Anyway, I've been rushing assignments, trying to figure things out in life and just been really busy in general. A lot has been running through my mind recently which is causing me lack of sleep. Really tired and looking dead the past few days. I haven't been updating my Instagram lately either because I've been having some creative block and I don't want to just upload for the sake of uploading.
I recently came back from a short shopping trip at KL, which didn't turn out very successful but I did get my birthday gift there. Pssssstttt, tomorrow is my 21st birthday hehehe. Bought the silver choker and grey fur ball from Lovisa, phone cover from Typo and delicious cappuccino cookies from Delectables. Also bought some clothes but I was too lazy to share them. I've been obessesing with fur balls recently its crazy. I'm looking for more fur balls for me to purchase and hang it on my bags. They are just too cute and fluffy! It was a nice trip with my family and Kieran along. I have a wedding to attend next week so hopefully I'll be able to upload more outfit posts for you guys. Really though, I'm just really caught up with assignments and it has been stressing me out a lot along with other upcoming things I have to prepare for. This is probably one of the most stressful year end I have ever had. More stressful than previous examinations!
Right, so I hope all of you are not as stressed out as me and are doing good. I'll try to update again soon but bare with me, I'm reaaalllllyyyy busy and stressed out. So till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Your Happiness

This is going to be one of those rare lengthy, no pictures and wordy rants I write. Its about that girl who quit Instagram. Read on if you feel like it or skip it.
I know there has been a lot of talk on the girl who quit Instagram and the whole thing has died down a little after her friends started calling her out on her ridiculous outbreak. I wanted to write about it but didn't have the time to. It's currently 7.30am and I'm up early so I thought why not? First of all, I know I may not be in the position or right to say this but social media, may it be Instagram or Twitter, whatever it is, does and should never define your happiness. It should never directly affect how you feel about your own happiness. The number of likes or followers you get should never affect you emotionally. It is just a number. 

So this girl, who is going on and on about how social media reflects a fake side of reality has gone viral (and maybe a tad bit nuts in the head) and just decided to quit Instagram and change her captions to the 'truth'. Okay, hold up. Quitting Instagram is one's choice and all, doesn't really matter whatever the reason is. However, there were people/companies who paid you and gave you stuff to promote for them. According to some of her captions they paid her A LOT. For her to change her captions to the 'truths' affects the promotional value of her client's product. Quit for all we care, come up with a video explaining why you quit later on. She didn't have to change the captions to tell people the 'truth'. 

I believe in posting things you like. Whether it has a creative value to or not, if you like it, post it. If you like what your client's product is, do it. If you don't, don't do it. It's simple. Don't mean to boast but I do receive requests to write on a paid post but if I don't like the product they are selling, I won't write about it. If I don't like they products they are offering to send me or maybe I just didn't feel like doing it, I will kindly decline the offer. She made a mistake for accepting almost everything. She  didn't think through before saying yes and then realise she have to take all these photos she didn't want to take. Maybe she is too young, maybe.

In a way I do kind of pity her because she started using Instagram at a very young age and never really thought through the whole paid promotional thing which badly affected her. I just feel like there could have been better ways to overcome this situation. Now that her friends are saying it is all hoax, it annoys me even more. Seriously, this is probably one of the most annoying publicity stunts ever. She is affecting the people who paid her to post stuff on Instagram and making social media look like a horrible online platform to be on when it really isn't. Social media should be a platform where you share things you like, things you think may inspire people -whether it is paid or not. If you're not happy doing it, DON'T DO IT. Do not let it affect your happiness. Do not let it affect your personal life. It is completely okay to not want to do certain things. Don't force it on yourself. 

Okay, I think I'm done ranting. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

Saturday, 31 October 2015


One of the things that bug me the most (which you may think sounds silly), is not being able to fit my big fat round bottle into my handbag - not only when I'm going to college but also when I'm going out. I need to drink water all the time and its also good anyway. Aquabook is one of the first to come up with the flat, rectangle bottle which you can fit in your handbag, laptop bag and easily carry it around. When Aquabook approached me I was quite thrilled when I saw all the different designs they had to offer. Practicality is important but so is style. It is book shaped and stylish, fits the everyday person's lifestyle. 
Now, it is currently a crowdfunding campaign that is currently running on Kickstarter. Carrying out the campaign with an eco-friendly mission of encouraging the use of a reusable bottle, Aquabook is made from the highest quality materials and is BPA free. It also comes with an eco-friendly packaging which includes using recycle cardboard boxes. Right now they have the special edition gold coloured Aquabook. Unique and practical, the new gold edition Aquabook bottle is ideal for those who are always on the go and stay hydrated. No need to purchase plastic water bottles, just get the Aquabook that can easily fit in any bag! I might just get myself one after I finish writing the post. The gold Aquabook is very chic, classy and in my opinion really suitable for anyone who is fashionable and always wants to be in trend!
The latest gold edition bottle is only available until the 11th of November so quickly get it before its gone! Other colours will still be available but really, who wouldn't want a gold and special edition product. For more information on the launch and products available you can follow their Facebookwebsite or read more about their crowdfunding campaign and purchase the Aquabook on Kickstarter. Support the campaign and purchase your Aquabook here. Till here, remember to stay hydrated with the new Aquabook and hope you're all well!