Sunday, 28 June 2015

Uber Penang

The other day I got invited to the Uber launch party, celebrating the launch of Uber in Penang. Now we all know Uber is available in so many different countries and now it is finally available in Penang. You can now download the app and call for an Uber anytime! It is convenient, safe and quick. The launch event was held at 32 Mansion with talks about how Uber is the future of transportation, which it really is. There are so many different Ubers available, did you know they have an Uber Lion Dance? I sure didn't and I thought it was so cool. Uber really is shaping the future of transportation with its amazing concept. Did you know you could also car pool with others and split the fare if you're on the same route as them? Save money!
The launch event went well with good company, good music and good drinks. Uber will be coming up with so many different projects along the way so be prepared for more exciting stuff from Uber. Make sure to download the Uber app on your smartphone and get the promo code from the Uber ambassadors, one of them is Laureen, for more deals. Its really simple so don't be scared, its one click away to your destination. Till here, hope you're all well and happy Uber-ing! Nx

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Fathers day is coming up this weekend so I decided to go out and get some stuff. Bought a present for dad and also a few stuff including a hair curler, like finally! I have had a hair straightener since I was 15 (the super straight hair trend phase) but I could never really figure out how to use it to also curl my hair so I bought a curler instead. I was very tempted to buy the magic curler where the thing literally sucks in your hair and curls it but I went with the traditional one. Anyway, heres a quick outfit post wearing a super comfortable and versatile halter top.
Top: Halter neck layered top, Zara
Shorts: Denim shorts, Cotton On
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Black platform sandals,
Personally I think this is a perfect summer outfit, casual, comfortable and sassy when paired with a dark lipstick. Until here, my life has been pretty boring but there are a few happening stuffs coming up so till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

Friday, 12 June 2015

Soho Signature

The other day I received a very lovely and classy handbag from Sometime by Asian Designers. Its their latest collection in collaboration with Poplook, the Soho Signature which is now on sale! Honestly, this bag is perfect for those who need a good bag to carry a bunch of stuff (including your laptop) for work. Very classy, very elegant, and very functional! Personally I don't think this is very much for my everyday style but it is definitely the go to bag to make your outfit more sleek and professional looking. The bag comes in two different sizes and various colours, I got mine in the smaller size, Soho Signature Mini. 
Top: AA sleeveless crop top,
Bottom: Grey bodycon pencil skirt, H&M
Bag: Soho signature mini in cavier black, Sometime by Asian Designers
Shoes: Thick black platform creepers, Unbranded
Wore this outfit for a movie date with Kieran and my brother to watch Jurassic World. The movie was really good. I was afraid it would not live up to the first movie which was my childhood movie. It was that one movie where I could watch over and over again as a child and still get excited. I was so emotional when watching the movie and I was just enjoying every scene as it goes. Definitely a must watch in my opinion. Anyway, the Soho Signature bag is now available and selling fast so purchase it here from their website Sometime by Asian Designers. Remember to hashtag #sohosignature when you post your look with the bag! Till here, hope you're all well! Nx